For the tenders that announced by the company head office, the bids should be submitted to the commercial department at the head office in Al Najaf governorate-the city of Kufa, by hand through an authorized person, or by registered mail addressed to Southern Cement State Company Kufa-Iraq P.O. box 9 no later than 12:00 pm on the closing date.

for more information please contact

Note 1: Any offers sent by E mail would be neglected.

Note 2: According to the latest instructions from the ministry , Any offer submitted which does not include the bid bond (which is a bank guarantee or a certified check ) from a recognized Iraqi bank for an amount specified hereunder in tender conditions .

companies who wish to submit their offers , should be according to the following conditions


1- payment terms would be as follows:

when the approval is CIF , the payment is 100% at the time of receiving the materials and its conformable to the requested specification through opening credit letter or cash payment .

a- if the materials are for au - around use for all factories , the payment is 100% of the total value of contract payed at the time of offering shipment company which is identical to contract condition and evidence .

the documents conclude the test certified from well known third party such as SGS , Lloyds

when the approval is FOB the payment will be for the assured and have well thought of fame companies

b- if the requested material is equipment and production lines :-

85% of the total value of the contract at the time of introducing shipment documents which is conformable for contract & credence condition .

5% of the total value payed after manipulate the equipment and performance of the test and experimental operation and its consistence for

5% after equipment arrive .and performance of test and its confirm to requested specification

5% of the total value of contract payed after one year from the date of testing the equipment ( warranty period ).

2- payment mode :

Cash in Iraqi Dinner which is identical to the value of the dollar at the day of assignment through confirmed check or consignment in Iraqi accredited Iraqi bank , or authority credited not susceptible for breach and not fixed ( in case of fixation it will be on the supplier account .

3- offers should be delivered by the company authorized person or representative, in three different envelops, the first one contains the commercial offer, the second one contains the technical offer, while the third contains the required documentary, provided that the envelops bear the required information (tittle,tender no. ,name of company, closing date ,ect) ,also the bid bond which is 1% of the estimated price by a bank guarantee or a certified check , Subject to automatically renew "conditioned by with out release only from our company and should be issued from one of the banks of ( Babil, Karbala, Najaf ,Diwanya, Muthana, Theeqaar, Kutt, Mayssan, Basra) provinces exclusively, and by formal letter issued from the competent bank and signed by the director general or his representative and the bank should advocate the validity of issuing those guarantee otherwise it would be neglected, also bid bonds which is by issued by the Iraqi government at the time of informing him by that and before primary Assignment .

also bid bond would be replaced by 5% of the value of bid upon the final awardance.

Documentary Required:

Any offer that does not include all the following documentary stipulated upon presentation of offer would be neglected: (docunents should be all in a specified envelope as mentioned above)

the company has experience in delivering the material in relation, with presenting all the documentary required to prove it such as concluded contracts, and performance certificate.

a letter of identification, with a letter of authorization for the person that delivers the offer.valid for this year.

4-certificate of registration from the ministry of trade in Iraq valid for this year.

a letter of taxes acquittal, from the concerned, tax department in Iraq.

a letter of permission from the tax department, to enter the tender.

Valid for this year.

a copy of the internal formation of the company, with the names of establishers, also copy of the formation contract.

the representative of the Arab or foreign company, should present a permission to practice commercial agencies in Iraq according to the local laws and regulations, certified from the concerned official departments, valid for this year.

if the offeror is a commercial bureau, then a copy of the identity card issued by the chamber of commerce is required, valid and authentic.

tender paper fee receipt.

company , bureau, or the representative address, with the e-mail, all the telephone nos., and all other means of communication available should be included in the technical offer, and the documentary envelope.

the supplier should present the integrity 0f this position from the state fax reserve service dep. valid for this year .

the supplier should present consortium identify for Iraqi business men valid for this years .

the supplier should present the finance report for his company for the last three years .

5-any conservitation mentioned in the offer which does not meet with the tender requirements would be neglected, without asking the company or bureau.

6-all prices in the offered bids are decisive, in negotiable and final in US dollar only.

7-offers presented without the primary bid bond referred to earlier, would be neglected.

9-the commercial offer should include in addition to the detailed prices of the material, the origin of the material, the manufacturing  company, delivery period, and payment terms&conditions, also the offer validity should should not be less than 3months from the closing date.

10-the bid must include two price details, both FOB&CIF&CIP, individually, otherwise, offers would be neglected, so that the cif price would be recommended if the transport company declined the price should be in US dollar only.

11-the supplied material must be inspected by a third party upon delivery, and should be presented with the shipping documents. (SGS, LIOYDS,......ect).

12-the company's not committed to the lowers prices.

13-the offers are to be delivered to S.C.S.C main office located in Kufa/Iraq, exclusively.

14ISO certificate, is required for the manufacturer, must be presented with the offer.

15-the technical offer should contain the best quality standards regarding the material, with the catalogues ,and samples if required).

16-presenting the documents that shows, the authorization from the manufacturing company to the supplier to present the offer and deliver the material upon this tender, if the offering company is a supplier and not a manufacturer.

17-when material is delivered, upon the contract, the S.C.S.C,is committed to conduct a proper test on that material within 15 days from receiving the material provided that the consignments are complete or can be useful without the need for other consignments to arrive, otherwise it should be 15 days from receiving all the quantity of material needed.

18-packing should be according to the required world standards, specified upon the type of material, where ever it is necessary.

19-in case of any technical inquiries, involving the technical specifications of material

you should send it to the e-mail:

20-for the foreign companies which has no branch in Iraq, could send the offer, by registered mail addressed to Southern Cement State Company Kufa-Iraq P.O. box 9 no later than 12:00 pm on the closing date. (any offer reach after that time will be neglected).

21- a disc that contains the assemble&disassemble for the maintenance of equipment and to simplify the method of requesting spare parts, is required with the offer.

22-the offers sent by registered mail only , should be sent on closing date exclusively, otherwise it would be neglected.

23- the payment deserved to Iraqi supplier is paid in Iraqi Dinars exclusively and according to the advertisement of the Iraqi central Bank in the same cost of foreign charges for the day of contract assignment or the date of receiving the materials , which one of them is better for our company .

24- the company that present , its offer by registered mail should present its offer no later than the twelve hour at noon in the closed day exclusively .

25- the prices of any incoming article not mentioned in the contract will be implied in the prices of the other items of the contract .

26- the price should mention in lettering and numbering and without any blot or abrasion and in case of differences . the prices which is mentioned by lettering is dependable .

27- the supplier company endue the offer will endure the fees of advertisement justice duty , and stamp duty which is equal to 0.002 to the whole contract value and should pay inside Iraq

28- Tenders written by hand is not acceptable .

29- the assurance performance grantee should present during 15 days before signing the contract . and at the time of official informers of the supplier

30- the contract should signed in a period not more than 15 days at the time of official and final agreement of the offer or at the time of official informing the supplier by lettering otherwise instance performance will be applied .

31 the contract with the suppliers is submissive to laws and instructions performed in Iraqi Government .

32- l/c can be opened for the benefit of the Iraqi supplier if he has account in TBI or an address and an account outside Iraq .

33- Our company has the right to cancel the tender during the period of advertisement without any compensation for the Joint companies and with return the cost of the tender.

34- In case of presenting operation guarantee for the tender materials , the warranty amount would not be released upon the awarding unless notification from us .




                                  Last Update    21/4/2024



Ref. No.



Closing date

The requester

1 11 B/T/SOC-6/2024 supply the gas flow meter with accessories where complete metering skid ( design supply , erection( installation ) inspection and operation for alnajaf cement plant   

Download tender documents (A1)

Download the Arabic advertisement (A2)

Download the tender data sheet (A4)

General conditions of the tender (A5)

[Download the table of equipment requirements and technical specifications] (A7)

Download tender forms (A8)
(filled out by the bidder)



Iraqi General Cement Company

Southern Cement Associate

2 13 B/T/SOC-1/2024 supply ( complete metering skid ( design , supply , inspection , installation , and operation ) for alkufa cement plant  

Download tender documents (A1)

Download the Arabic advertisement (A2)

Download the tender data sheet (A4)

General conditions of the tender (A5)

[Download the table of equipment requirements and technical specifications] (A7)

Download tender forms (A8)
(filled out by the bidder)



Iraqi General Cement Company

Southern Cement Associate