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 Southern Cement state company  got a quality Certificate for both of Kufa  & Najaf cement plants.


 The Central organization for Standardization and quality control of the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation laboratory had awarded both of Kufa cement plant and Najaf cement plant (Iraqi quality Certificate) for their products.

Mr. Sinan al-Saidi, Director General of the company Said that the quality Certificate is usually awarded after a series of complex procedures when the products  matching the standard specifications. and there are subsidiary additional verifying teams visit the mentioned plants on a regular times to take random samples of the final product and make chemical and physical testing. Also these teams follow all of the production stages of ordinary and sulphate resistance cement.

Director-General added that this quality Certificate is not the first in this field as our company headquarters and our factories ( Kufa , Najaf, Muthanna , Samawah, Basra and Alnoora)  got this Certificate according to (ISO 9001-2008) by the Central organization for Standardization and quality control which is the only authorized organization in Iraq for checking and verifying  that the procedures are conformed  to the international standards.



Southern Cement state Company increasing the production of sulphate resisttance cement and reducing the prices of their products.



         Southern Cement state Company changed it's production in(Kufa plant) from ordinary cement to sulphate resistant cement depending on self-efforts and the support of high management, this was for avoiding scarcity of  sulphate resistant cement in the local markets because of declining of producing this material due to deficiency of electrical power which effect the production continuity.  company carried out this  step simultaneously  with the growing need of Local markets for resistant  cement. scarcity Mr. Director-General expressed the Company readiness to Meet the growing demand for resistant cement in required quantities  .



Southern Cement state Company started rehabilitation of Kufa and Najaf plants by Iraqi experience and by its own resources.                                            




kufa         Southern Cement state company announced for its rehabilitation of production lines for kufa and Najaf cement plants to increase the production capacity and improve the quality of the products by iraqi  hands and efforts and depending on its own resources,  the works of rehabilitation of the third kiln in Kufa were carried out within (11 months). some of companies in our Ministry participated in this rehabilitation, the work is done entirely by Iraqis hands.  and by depending on the efforts of the company and its own resources, So we started-up the production with a capacity amounting to 1350 tons / per day,On the other hand The company had previously rehabilitated Najaf Cement Plant completely. As the works included rehabilitation of both the kiln  and the cement mill and replacement of packing machine with a  modern  machine which actually began the production by  self -efforts and depending on our company own resources.


The imvestment knocking on the doors of Najaf and Samawa plants of Southern Cement state Company.




DSC03598After the investment of  Karbala, Muthanna and Babil plants by iraqi and international companies, The imvestment knocking on the doors of Najaf and Samawa plants of Southern Cement state all fundamental procedures had been achived to complete these important investment opportunities to develop these plants  by  increasing the amount of production by reaching the design capacity and improving the standard of living of the personnel. and also there is an investment opportunity to Al-Basra Cement Plant under studying. And it will be prepared to make the investment include (Kufa plant, Alnoora plant, and Packing factory).



Southern Cement state Company achieved an increase in production and providing for 2013 by 50% more than  2012




Production (Ton)

Providing (Ton)





Development ratio 51% compare to 2012




Development ratio 55% compare to 2012



Draft power plant

In what used to be, The General Company for Southern Cement excellence is clear and known in the planning and management of strategic plans studied for the advancement of the production process and marketing both the company has prepared an economic feasibility study to create a station to generate electricity to supplement laboratory Kufa and Najaf energy required to achieve the aspiration of the company to increase production and profitability because the Electricity Ministry can not equip cement plants by only (25%) of the electric power required for the known circumstances, and the consequent decrease in the productivity factor cement ratio (25%) of the available energy which has led to lack of sales and the lack of liquidity for all companies and not being able to buy electric stations laboratories because it requires huge amounts of money.
The contract reached by the ministry and the company has been contracted which with the company (and Aartsela) Finnish (world known) for the processing of electric generators with a capacity (30 mega watts) was a leap in quality in the planning and achievement, which has never been achieved in other companies both in the Department of Industry and Minerals or in other ministries of the self-financing, where failure of all attempts by those companies since 2004 and yet for many reasons, including lack of courage to take responsibility.
The power plant project Kufa Cement Factory and its importance to the level of the company and the ministry in general, will be a catalyst for the advancement by companies to self-reliance in the field of electrical energy required for production because it represents the first experiment of this size and success.
The General Company for Southern Cement has sought for years to provide the most basic requirements of the production process and the most important of this giant project which was nearing completion. I was keen that the company associates and the work of relevant government project after it reached all the equipment required within the period specified in the contract was concluded contracts available for that purpose.
Despite the failure of the company for heavy engineering equipment in one of the important contracts because of the re D
eclaration tenders several times punishment was secondary contractor, causing delays in the overall project more than eight months.
However, the company tried to mend this situation through the critical decision to His Excellency the Minister to withdraw the esteemed work immediately and ask the state-owned company in the same efficient work force and have been really fast pace and high efficiency.
The ratio of the overall accomplishment of this project (85%) is expected the trial run in December of this year 2010 with the help of God.
It is worth mentioning that this project requires the operation of more than (150) member will be transferred from a plant of Kufa and the headquarters company of the presence of a large surplus in the staff as is the case in all plants and factories of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals.
We have begun the training of the leadership cadre in some similar projects in the Ministry of Electricity to prepare them well for the management and operation of the power plant.
In order to keep the reader interested and on the power stations in particular and the cement industry in general, we include a group picture of the corresponding space and other horizontal ground the project and some details and we hope to have made an achievement to serve our company and our associates are reconciled to God.




Detect the presence of 12 kinds of foreign cement not meet the conditions

The Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation of the existence of 12 kinds of cement importer located in the update of the non-market conditions and does not meet the quality standards adopted. A source in the device via the Internet to the device detect the presence of construction materials with non-conforming legal Calcment stainless production company Behbahan and cement Gmtan Iranian origin and Cement Company Hilal Cement ACICO Kuwaiti origin, cement mark urgent and mark Falcon Pakistani origin and a sign of Palm (Iranian) and Cement Company ( Dar AP) Iranian Cement Company Seaman Behbahan Iran as well. "The source added the presence of construction materials other than meet the legal requirements Kaltabouk muddy hollow mark (Ajrdad Khairkhawah) Production of DNA Isfahan and brick clay drill Iranian origin produced by Al Anwar Al Kaabi, cement white production of the Arab Cement White last Production Company (Bnobd) of Iran. The source confirmed the continuity of the screening of all materials in industrial projects and markets both consumer and construction, electric, or were proven to use.





In the hall of the Technical Section of the Southern Cement

Office of the Inspector-General of the Ministry of Industry live seminar specialized in the field of business and legal

Among its activities and continuing established the Office of the Inspector General at the Ministry of Industry and Minerals Symposium specialized in the field of commercial and legal contracts with regard to importation and local communities, for two days. This was announced by Director of Technical Section of the General Company for Southern Cement Hassan Al-Mohammad Al-Kufi, said that the seminar was held on on the training room in the Technical Section of the General Company for Southern Cement and delivered lectures Messrs. Munther Abdul Karim __ Deputy Inspector General, and Mr. Ali Khadir from the Office of Inspector General in the Ministry and dealt with study of the general instructions and duties of the Commission open and also to examine the duties of the Commission on the study, analysis, and included discussions on the drafting of contracts and the details and study the trade terms in English and clarify ambiguities, and also addressed the "issue of withholding tax ... The coffee that the seminar and axes were most useful, fruitful and resulted in many discussions and proposals that included business and legal staff to the company cement factories and South ... Coffee said that the seminar was attended by managers of business and legal departments in South cement plants as well as to representatives of legal and business at the General Company for Textile Industries in Hilla




The quality of cement Iraqi

The General Company for Southern Cement labs (eight) is committed to the production of cement, both types normal, resistant and high specifications and testing Physics, chemical, or over 24 hours, all stages of production are also subject to scrutiny by the regulators supported, such as the Central Agency for Standardization, quality control and academic bodies and research engineering consultant at the University of Babylon and Building Research Center of the Ministry of Construction and Housing and confirm the quality of cement produced in Laboratories Inc. cement South and the results match the cement importer and excel it, and during the experiment began to reveal the citizens themselves the difference between the domestic product of a substance cement and imported from non-conforming to the quality standards adopted is at the same time encouragement to the national product and support for Iraq's economy and will cement the mainstay of the Iraqi rebuilding and reconstructing the new Iraq and prosperity of the Iraqi citizen.