Information mail

info@southern-cement. COM

tech@southern-cement. COM


Company Departments



1-    Director General

dg@southern-cement. com

2-     Director General Office

Email: com


3-    Technical Department

Email: indus@southern-cement. com

4-   Commercial Department


5-  Investment  Department

6-   Quality Management 

7-   Marketing Department

8-   Information Department


9-   Quality Control Department

10-   Legal Department

11- Planning and productivity control  Department



12-   Finance  Department
13-   Central  Maintenance Department

Email: maint-office@southern-cement. com

14-  Internal Audit Department


15-   Stores Department


16-  Administration  Department


17- complaint box of citizens and employee




Company Plants


1-   Kufa cement plant

Email: Kufa@southern-cement. com

2-  al- Najaf Alashraf cement plant

Email: alnajaf@southern-cement. com

3- Karbala cement plant

Email: karbala@southern-cement. com

4-  Al-  Muthenna cement plant

Email: almuthena@southern-cement. com

5- Babil cement plant

Email: babil@southern-cement. com

6-  Samawa cement plant

Email: alsamawa@southern-cement. com

7-  al-Basrah cement plant

Email: al-basrah@southern-cement. com 

8-  Annora  ,Lime plant

Email: alnoora@southern-cement. com