Statement by Mr. Director-General

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen
Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings
And Welcome to our site on the Internet for information, I am pleased to submit to our site visitors a brief overview of the General Company for Southern Cement, one of the leading companies, the Ministry of Industry and Minerals said.
Our company Since its founding in 1997 and established success, excellence and distinction with a slogan and that the figures of the productivity and reputation of the quality of their products was a witness to it, through sales, which covered the Iraqi market north and south of the least witness to what has been said.
The company which was formed under the Companies Act No. 22 of the Assembly in 1997 adopted a policy-making and the development of production and marketing independently through the powers granted to the Board of Directors under the Act, and through its staff expert in the areas of technical and administrative policies have been based on the framework of the economic interest of the supplementing the local market through the product specifications as the corresponding national quality standard for the specification of Iraq and thereby achieve a distinct national income referred to tens of billions of Iraqi dinars annually.
And during the fall of the former regime, despite the fact that economic conditions and security, which took the country in general was very difficult, but the wheel of industry and employment and production in plants, but the company did not stop and thank God we have the highest productivity figures year after year as well, and fought our products all kinds of imported attributed the market in recent years, the company achieved sales of very large by industry on the basis of maintaining the right cultural and marketing of their products after consumers and found that I am aware that the national product is the most appropriate to the requirements of the advancement of urbanization and urban civil society.
The fact that our plants from the eight provinces along the central and southern Iraq, beloved, it was a sign to cement the South favored the larger commercial Kmarkp accompanied the process of reconstruction and economic development policies adopted by successive Iraqi governments after the fall of the former regime, and in spite of economic openness and free market, which witnessed Iraq six years ago However, the sign of our company is still in the forefront, and ambitious, much more than achieved so far.
We also adopted the method and the definition of transparency and courage in the presentation of the accounting numbers, and the ratification of the Office of Financial Control on the overall final accounts and budgets of all previous years, however, reflect an important role in the economic process and the manner in mature integrated accounting systems and financial control.
The company, which could be described by corporations and government institutions had the first self-financed investment in the preparation of its plants in order to promote the operation and by raising the efficiency of production and performance style Advanced science and keen to ensure that ownership and the ownership of these plants after the investment to the State once again after the completion of the rehabilitation of its productivity and access to the design capacity, which is designed primarily, in the same time and put in the terms and conditions of investment to maintain the continuation of all workers in the laboratory planned to invest their work and pay all financial dues by the investor as the rest of the staff in all sectors of the State, but it has increased the necessity for training , motivate and provide other services to them as one of the foundations of social differentiation and competition among investors.
The training opportunities for our company by affiliates of all levels and addresses the functional and technical and administrative expertise and financial strength have made the legal place of trust and high appreciation to the services of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, as well as other governmental institutions related to our administrative, economic, development and training sessions inside and outside Iraq were among the priorities which the successes of other successful the company at all levels.
Finally, we hope to take advantage of all the work and the optimal manner to support Iraq's industry leading service to our country and development of precious economy and May God's protection and conservation.