important news *** important news  *** Reducing the sale price of ordinary cement produced in the  Kufa and Najaf and Basra cement plant both types with or without bags, as well as reducing the price of sesistant cement in Basra mall  vist the products page to see the new price*****


  Statement by Mr. Director-General


   Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen

   Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings
   And Welcome to our site on the Internet for information, I am pleased to

   submit to our site visitors a brief

   overview of the General Company for Southern Cement, one of the

   leading companies, the Ministry of

   Industry and Minerals said.
   Our company Since its founding in 1997 and established success, excellence

   and distinction with a slogan and that the

   figures of the productivity and reputation of the quality of their products

   was a witness to it, through sales, which covered

   the Iraqi market north and south of the least witness to what technical and

   administrative policies have been based

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Our company is one of the Iraqi Ministry of Industry and Minerals

The company obtained the first rank in the estimation which the industrial committee in the ministers cabinet organized in 1997 and obtained 98 %. Of the points to be first among more than 60 industrial companies.
The company achieved excellent degree at the differential emulation which the
Ministry of Industry and Minerals organized among their companies for three consecutive Years( 97-98-99 )
In respect to the standards of production and productivity the company achieved a specific progress and was capable To achieve 103% of its schedule to produce the clinker and 97% of the plan to produce the equivalent cement.